Low carbonization

01. Low carbonization
As this technology spreads throughout society and industrialization, it will be a big milestone in the world of low-carbon rust generation that the world and the government will preoccupy. If you apply to all 21.8 million cars in Korea, you will reduce 13.2 million tons per year and 39.6 million tons of carbon every three years.

Sustainability of environment

02. Sustainability of environment
This technology extends the replacement time of the antifreeze and keeps the environment pleasant for more than 3 years. Immediately after injection, the concentration of exhaust gas is remarkably lowered to maintain a pleasant environment.


03. Environment-friendly
This technology uses environmentally friendly natural minerals, from the manufacturing stage to the disposal stage. We constantly lower the exhaust gas and soot concentration of the vehicle and purify the air we breathe and have a clear environment-friendliness that protects us from the danger of harmful gas. Once Greennix is injected, it has the effect of planting 120 trees per year, 480 = 480 trees per year.

Creating a job

04. Creating a job
Job creation can be expected for many unemployed people in the process of manufacturing and marketing this technology is commercialized. The scale is about 5,000 jobs for the handicapped and the elderly who are socially disadvantaged in the case of simple manufacturing processes, and about 10,000 regular jobs. In addition, we expect to be able to create more jobs through more than 10,000 marketing jobs at home and abroad, and by providing researchers with R&D opportunities.


A Leading Low Carbon Green Growth Company Considering Environment and Energy

It is a system that allows you to buy and sell greenhouse gas emission rights. It was named as the carbon emission trading system by the carbon dioxide that emitted the most amount of greenhouse gas. This means that if the GHG emissions are less than the allocated quota of each country, the surplus can be sold to other countries and, conversely, if the GHG emissions exceed the quota, they can be bought from other countries is. GHG emissions quotas are given by country, but most carbon trading is done by companies.

Market share

Carbon emissions in korea

  1. ① Cars(korea) : 20 million units
  2. ② M&S carbon emissions: 220g/Km
  3. ③ Average Mileage : 15,000Km/year
  4. ④ CO2 Reduction rate : 10%/car
Annual carbon Reduction : 6.6 million tons of carbon savings annually
( cal : ① x ② x ③ x ④ = 6.6 million Tons / year )
* Average travel distance of passenger cars in 009 15,366km (Source: Traffic Safety Corporation,

Estimated carbon trading volume

  1. ⑤ Carbon trading volume : 9.5Euro/Ton
  2. ⑥ Euro exchange rate : 1,052Won/1Euro
Annual Total Carbon Reduction Ratio: Cost of carbon reduction of about 659,604 million won per year
(cal : 6.6 million Tons x ⑤ x ⑥ = 659,604 million won / year)

“When "Greenixx" is applied to about 1.1 billion vehicles” worldwide, the economic effect is about 275 trillion won


Smoke Measurement chart & fuel in/decrease

Category Energy Smoke rate(%) Fuel(km/l)
1st 2nd Rate(%) 1st 2nd Rate(%)
Carnibal2(2002) Diesel 48.8 8.9 -81.80% 5.6 7.1 26.80%
STAREX(1998) DIESEL 44.1 14.5 -67.10% 13.8 18.4 33.30%
SPORTAGE(2011) DIESEL 83.7 16.1 -80.80% 13.8 18.4 32.70%
GRACE(1999) DIESEL 56.9 10.8 -81% 15.9 18.2 14%
REXTON DIESEL 83.7 16.1 -80.80% 11.7 13.9 18.80%
SANTAFE(2002) DIESEL 90.1 14.6 -83.80% 5.6 7.1 26%

Test Cars Result


Korea Environment Corporation emission test report

In this test, exhaust gas test was carried out on one test vehicle to determine whether or not the emissions of automobile pollutants were increased or decreased due to greynix injection, and whether or not the engine and parts could be generated in the vehicle after the product injection.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the change of emission of air pollutants caused by greynix injected into vehicles.

Measuring contaminants
  • - Carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and oxides (NOx) are measured according to the permissible gasoline emission standards set by the Air Quality Preservation Act.
Test Methods
  • - 6 times in total, and 3 times before and after Greenixx injection.
  • - After the Greenixx injection, the treadmill was run and the test was conducted in the CVS-75 (FTP-75) mode.

Test Car: Avante 1.6 GDi (1600cc / fuel consumption – 13.9km/ℓ)

Route Daejeon→Incheon() Incheon→Daejeon→Busan() Busan→Ulsan→Daejeon→Incheon()
Driving Distance 187km 483km 515km
Operating Method
  • - Eco Driving
  • - 90 km / h cruise
  • - 1 Person (54kg)
  • - Max. 120km over
  • - High-speed driving
  • - 2 Persons(77kg, 63kg)
  • - Driving 95~120km
  • - Cruise
  • - 2 Persons (77kg, 63kg)
Fuel rate(Full) 13ℓ 32ℓ 30ℓ
Fuel 14.3km/ℓ
(Before Greenix Injection)
(After Greenix Injection)
(After Greenix Injection)