We are leading green growth based on next generation high efficiency clean and alternative energy development
We aim to grow into a global company that serves humanity.


In this era of high oil prices, cars are recognized as a necessity, with more than one per household. As the number of cars increased, it provided many convenience, but it also contributed to environmental destruction caused by exhaust gas.

Experts say that the technologies developed for human convenience come back as boomerangs because they are civilized. As predicted, depletion of fossil fuels has prevented the introduction of alternative fuels and new technologies.

Unlike products added to conventional fuels and engine oils, Mitsubishi Electric has developed and supplied Greenix products that can reduce the emissions of soot, increase fuel efficiency, and increase output based on nano fusion technology.

Greenix products are a greenhouse gas abatement technology that brings car engines closer to ideal elements and is a fundamental alternative to significantly improve the combustion efficiency of automobiles. We have completed domestic patents and patent registration in China. We are preparing a test to obtain CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) certification for carbon trading.

GREENIXX is We will contribute to the national economy by reducing the domestic atmospheric environment and reducing imports of gasoline and diesel, and we will become a company for the next generation to prevent future catastrophes by drastically reducing carbon dioxide (CO2), the main cause of global warming.

GREENIXX Company All employees


TEL 1899-3070
GREENIXX OPEN 2011.10.19
CEO Shin Chuong-Kyo Business
TEL. 1899-3070 E-mail greenixx@naver.com

No, 113-3, Convergence Technology Commercialization Center,

#218, Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea 



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  • 2020.05
  • 2020.05
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  • 2019.01
  • 2019.01
  • 2019.12


  • 2018.03
    • KAIST Business Incubation Center Graduated
  • 2018.06
  • 2018.08


  • 2017.2.18
    • Signed MOU for USD 10 million for Shandong YuYian Network Co., Ltd. in China
  • 2017.3.2
    • Signed export contract of about 300 million won in Beijing, China
  • 2017.05
    • Domestic patent registration / PCT patent application
  • 2017.06
    • Participated in the distribution industry exhibition in Vietnam in 2017
  • 2017.06
  • 2017.09~
    • Negotiation of exports contract with large companies in India


  • 01
    • Consultation on product testing and joint ventures on the Jo Vision Industrial Park Management Committee and large buses in China
  • 03
    • Participation in the meeting of foreign diplomatic missions / Consultation with Chinese ambassador to China, Ambassador to China Kyungsu Lee and Consulate General in China
  • 04
    • Daebo Distribution Co., Ltd., which has the largest freeway distribution network in Korea, and the fuel efficiency performance group are promoted.
  • 05
    • Test sale at petrol station in resting place of male high-end resting place (upper and lower) of Daebo distribution Co., Ltd.
  • 06
    • Signed agency contract with Daebo Distribution Co., Ltd. 9 stores on highway gas station
  • 06
    • Participated in the Nanjing Huayuan Business Consultation Conference hosted by Daejeon city
  • 08
    • Participated in Changwon International Auto Parts Industry Fair in 2016
  • 09
    • Lecture on the emission reduction plan at the 8th International Climate Environment Industrial Exhibition
  • 09
    • Attracting individual investment partnership investment (issuance of new shares)
  • 10 ~ 12
    • Airwave TV commercial (Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Jeonju, Daegu)
  • 11
    • Seoul Motors High School smoke test
  • 11
    • Participated in Chengdu 2016 Stylish Life Chia in China


  • 01
    • KBS 2R radio CM 2 cases, Daejeon MBC radio CM 1 case Seoul, Chuncheon, Cheongju, Gangneung, Jeju, Daejeon Broadcasting advertisement
  • 02~06
    • KBS 2R Radio CM 1 case National Broadcast Advertisement Progress, KBS 2R Radio Sponsorship Advertisement 2 program
  • 09
    • Participated in WTA Daejeon High-Tech Fair and Business Conference
  • 09
    • Promotional banner and booth installation at resting place in Busan direction of Gyeongbu Expressway
  • 10
    • Daejeon City 2015 Promising Small and Medium Enterprise Selected and Honorable Award
  • 10
    • Attended Foreign Investment Week (FIW)
  • 11
    • Participated in Ho Chi Minh Exhibition in Vietnam
  • 11
    • Consultation on joint venture in Hebei Province of China by invitation of Chinese government
  • 12
    • IR Announces Investments in Shenyang Municipal Government and Central Government of China


  • 01
    • Established 2 branch offices in Seoul
  • 03 ~ 2015. 11
    • Soot measurement performance performance event
  • 06
    • Gimcheon, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do (Participants in fuel consumption measurement performance evaluation team)
  • 07
    • Selected as the 191th Innovative SME Broadcasting Advertisement by Korea Broadcast Advertising Promotion Corporation
  • 09
    • Participated in the 2014 Daejeon - China Business Conference / China annual contract
  • 10
    • Participated in the international distribution industry of Vietnam in 2014
  • 11
    • Participated in the 2014 Shanghai Korea Commodity Trade Fair
  • 12
    • Participated in joint export meeting for Daejeon, Chungnam, Sejong, 2014


  • 01
    • SK Networks headquarters direct transport vehicle test
      (Metropolitan area - 2t for 5t, 2t for 2.5t, 3t for passenger car / 3t for Ulsan - 1t for 3.5t / Bus for 5t
    • Korea Environmental Protection Agency test result of harmful substance No hazardous substance detection / vehicle safety confirmation
  • 02
    • Army student military school vehicle test
  • 03 ~
    • Pohang heavy vehicle (trailer, dump) test
  • 05
    • Opened Pohang Agency (1st and 2nd distributors)
  • 06
    • Voice agent opened (3rd agent)
  • 10 ~
    • Test conducted for KT business vehicles
  • 11
    • Opened Daejeon Special Edition


  • 04
    • Venture Business Certification
    • Selected as a supporting company by the Business Promotion Agency
  • 05
    • Registered Daedeok Innopolis and Registered Research Facilities
    • Signed a contract with the start-up mold agency
    • Greenixx Trademark application
  • 06
    • Fukuoka Chemical Fiber Research Institute Test for Property Stability
  • 07
    • Signed Business Agreement to solve the difficulties of technology management in 2012
      (Establishing a strategy to enter the market through Insight Korea Marketing Research Co., Ltd.)
    • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Obtained certification
    • Acquired certificate of toxic substance test by the researcher of chemical fusion test (confirmed harmless by non-detection of harmful substance)
  • 10 ~ 11
    • Participated in 2012 Low Carbon Green Growth Expo
  • 11
    • Report on the results of the Insolvency Management Solution (Insight Korea Marketing Research Co., Ltd.)


  • 01
    • Registered as a patent for anti-freezing antifreeze additive for greenhouse gas and added to it (No.10-101035)
  • 05
    • China Patent registered additive for performance improvement of transportation vehicle (ZL200710152528.0)
  • 10
    • Greenixx Co., Ltd. (Capital 100 million won), Main office: 171-2, Suedang-ri, Jamwon-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungnam
  • 12
    • Greenixx former headquarters: 193 Mungjiro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon-si, Korea -204 at Kaist Munji Campus Truth Hall


  • 06 ~ 08
    • Co-hosted with Pohang City, 77 vehicles for passenger cars and passenger cars (exhaust gas) were tested and performance tests were conducted.
  • 07
    • Daewoo Motors Division, Ajou University, Daewoo Magnus, etc.


  • 07
    • Daewoo Motor Department AJU Automobile University Department of Automobiles Hyundai EF Sonata Chassis Dynamo Test


Greenix products
It is added to the radiator cooling water of the driving car using fossil fuel to raise the output and reduce the soot and nitrogen contained in the soot and exhaust gas generated during combustion.

Depletion of fossil fuels necessitates the introduction of alternative fuels or new technologies. We have developed material technology that can reduce CO2, nitrogen oxides, and harmful emissions from fossil fuel combustion, and have started to develop technologies that add to antifreeze, such as conventional products, that do not add to or adhere to fuel or engine oil.

We have completed the technology development based on various experiments, and are preparing production facilities and distribution network for launching products injected into vehicles, farm equipment, ships and motorcycles.



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    #113-3, Convergence Technology Commercialization Center, #218, Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
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