A Leading Low Carbon Green Growth Company Considering Environment and Energy

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1. 일 자 : 20169 114:00

1. 장 소 : 본점 사무실 (대전광역시 유성구 문지로 193, 카이스트 문지캠퍼스 진리관 T203호)

1. 문의 : 042-862-2070 /

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Greenline, a leader in low-carbon green growth that considers the environment and energy,
GREENIXX recruits agencies nationwide at all times.

  • - Agent qualification: Applicants who want to operate a distribution office, who have experience in distribution business, and distributors (excluding those who are disqualified)
  • - Please fill out the form by phone, e-mail or the following application form.

Customer Center : 1588-3070

E-mail :